Spirulina Powder

The nutrient and vitamin rich blue green algae Spirulina is subjected to a series of processes to prepare the Algabrew Spirulina powder. It is an eco-friendly source of protein, essential amino acids and minerals. and an accomplished source of finest vegan protein. Spirulina being a rich natural source of B12, has been playing a vital role in weight loss, developing energy and boosting of the immunity. Apart from this, Spirulina Powder is a generous source of functional vitamins and minerals filled with a wide range of phtyopigments including beta carotene, chlorophyll and phycocyanin. Vitamin B6 and iron in the spirulina powder augment the immune system and stimulates brain function.

Spirulina can be stirred into juices or mixed with fresh fruits for a green protein smoothie.  It can also be mixed into dips for a nutritious swivel on any of your favorite snacks. Spirulina powder is a protein rich food (60­-70%), with 18 amino acids and all essential amino acids. And it has a very high protein efficiency ratio (PER).